Direct investments

Overview about the direct investments of Evonik.

Airborne Oil & Gas

Manufactures thermoplastic composite pipes for offshore oil production. Advantages to incumbent technologies are light-weight and absence of corrosion – which increases safety and reduces installation and maintenance cost.

Algal Scientific

A biotech developer producing beta-glucan products via algal fermentation. In March 2017 Kemin Industries purchased the companies feed and food activities.

Biosynthetic Technologies

Biosynthetic Technologies developed and manufacture a new class of bio-based synthetic oils called estolides that are used primarily in the passenger car motor oil and industrial lubricant sectors. The company was acquired by Biosyn Holdings in April 2018.


Helping manufacturers decide how and when to apply 3D printing to their production processes. Software to assess a part’s 3D printability, the best printing material, cost and lead time.


Addressing conscious consumerism and customers’ demand for product ingredients transparency, sourcing and ethical standards. The mobile app scans consumer goods’ barcodes at the point of sale providing personalized information on nutrition, eco labels, allergens and alternatives.

Element Analytics

Digital platform which enables the deployment of AI and analytics solutions for physical production assets. The set-up of operational digital twins is accelerated by a factor of 10. Diverse data sources are connected, data curated and put in context automatically enabling the setup of new digital applications. 

FRX Polymers

FRX Polymers, manufacture Nofia polyphosphonates - fire resistant plastics. Nofia products are fully transparent, high flowing and, due to their high phosphorus content, are inherently flame retardant.


Decentral on-demand electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide, from water, air and electricity in a modular generator containing a proprietary electrocatalytic cell.


Quick and reliable gender determination of chicken embryos in the egg, tackling one of poultry farming’s greatest ethical problems.


JeNaCell produce nanocellulose for medical and cosmetic applications in an automated and continuous biotechnological process.


3D-printed neuro and spine surgery PEEK implants will enable faster patient recovery and reduce surgical risk.


Biofabrication is Modern Meadow’s way of building with biology—a means for making materials inspired by nature and grown of life’s essential elements: cells, DNA and protein.


mySkin gives consumers recommendations on products to get their skin into its youthful best by identifying those that are measurably working for their “skintwins”. By creating an evidence-based skincare platform, mySkin makes buying skincare products more efficient and cost-effective by recommending unbiased proven products and democratizing skincare. 

Nanocomp Oy

Develop and produce micro- and nano-optical structures that are imprinted on polymer films, enabling optical systems to achieve higher performance while reducing size.

Nanotech Industrial Solutions

NIS produces oil additives for engine oils, oil and water formulations for metalworking fluids, industrial oils and additive formulations for greases. The unique morphology significantly improves friction and wear properties.


NUMAFERM’s technology solves limitations of available bio-based and chemical production technologies for peptides and enables their cost-efficient and scalable production. This makes peptides available for new applications and new markets.


24/7 support and service for livestock, ensuring better animal welfare, improving livestock performance and enabling fail-safe operations.

Structured Polymers

Commercializing innovative new polymer powders for additive manufacturing processes including multi-jet fusion and select laser sintering. Structured Polymers has created a proprietary scalable process for commercializing high-performance polymer powders and is committed to expanding the availability of materials for 3D-printing. Evonik acquired the company in January 2019.

Synoste Oy

Patient friendly and innovative solutions for correcting skeletal deformations. Lengthening bones changing people's lives.


Velox develops and manufactures industrial-grade direct-to shape digital decoration solutions for the rigid container industry.

Vivasure Medical

Developed and patented a bioabsorbable implant and percutaneous delivery system closing large arteriotomies in the femoral artery.

Wiiv Wearables

Wiivv use 3-D printing to produce biomechanically optimized insoles adapted to the specific needs of the individual customer.