Venture Capital

Investment Focus

We invest in young companies with innovative technology and high growth potential in the field of specialty chemicals, companies with solutions to problems within the following megatrends:

  • Resource efficiency

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Globalization 

We are an active investor with strategic objectives as a partner for innovative, market-oriented technology companies with 

  • a clear growth strategy

  • a highly motivated, focused management team

  • a clear, distinctive selling point

  • a secure IP position

We generally maintain a minority share and typically invest up to EUR 5 million per company

  • in early-stage companies with an established proof of concept, typically in series A & B rounds

  • in companies that have already entered the market or are about to do so

  • typically in syndication with other venture capital investors

Successfully implementing a growth strategy requires more than just money. Evonik as one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals brings additional strategic capabilities to the partnership.

  • Technological expertise and infrastructure

  • Market experience and access

  • A global distribution network

  • Expertise in patent strategies and on issues of industrial property rights

We invest globally with a focus on Europe, North America and Asia.