New Sustainability Tech Fund

Investments with the primary objective to achieve CO2 mitigation by reducing and removing emissions

The chemicals industry has always been at the forefront of creating new materials to meet the needs of society. As industries increasingly shift away from fossil fuels and transition to renewable sources, chemicals will play a pivotal role in moving the economy to net-zero emissions.

Evonik's Sustainability Tech Fund has a volume of € 150 million for Venture Capital investments in technologies towards carbon neutrality. The six search fields of the fund are:

Clean Energy Production

The global power industry is making progress in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by switching to renewable-energy sources such as wind and solar.


We are looking for innovative solutions that improve the efficiency in the production of alternative energy.

Drive Circularity

Circular economy aims to eliminate waste, throughout the life cycles of products and their components and to reuse or upgrade them for other productive applications.


We are looking for materials and technologies to transform material cycles and reduce waste production.

Feedstock Switch & Substitution

Alternative raw materials and biotechnological methods to become independent from fossil resources.


We are looking for enabling technologies to substitute chemical raw materials with natural alternatives.

Future Mobility

A transition to net-zero emissions will require more efficient and sustainable electric vehicles.


We are looking for materials and technologies to improve lightweight constructions and to make electricity storage systems more powerful, affordable and sustainable.

Hydrogen Economy

Green hydrogen plays a key role in the transition to a zero-emission economy.


We are looking for novel materials solutions for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen

Renewable Carbon

Capturing, storing, and reusing CO2 will play an important role in the industrial energy transition and are key to a sustainable chemical industry.


We are looking for technologies to convert CO2 in chemical and biological processes to new raw materials and products.