Lutz Stoeber

Investment Director

Lutz Stoeber is the Head of Venture Capital & Investments in North America. His responsibilities include sectors Healthcare Solutions, Sustainable Nutrition, and Cosmetic Solutions. Lutz held or holds board (observer) seats at a number of portfolio companies including Modern Meadow, mySkin, Wiivv Wearables and NIS. He is actively involved with Element Analytics and Union Labs Ventures focusing on digital transformation.

Lutz is based on the East Coast of the US near New York City and represents Evonik Venture Capital in North America. Prior to joining the team founding Evonik Venture Capital in 2012, Lutz has been involved in investments in chemical, advanced materials and industrial companies for more than 15 years. Lutz helped to establish Pardus Capital in 2005 and ran their German office. Lutz holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is an inventor of technology relating to advanced materials.